Cactus Oteller Grubuna Hoşgeldiniz

Türk sahillerindeki cennete hoşgeldiniz!

The award-winning Cactus Hotels group is recognized as one of Turkey's oldest and most prestigious hotel chains. Combining traditional and modern architecture for generations, Cactus Hotels are amongst the first hotel groups to create the map of tourism Map in Turkey. Cactus brand has the core values of quality, comfort and trust, and since 1980 the group has grown to 7 hotels and 2 waterparks with the total capacity of 3300 beds. Thanks to the high service quality offered by our professional team, our hotels have become a place where our guests prefer to stay again and again for several years in a row. A dream vacation awaits you with spa and massages that will rest your soul throughout your experience, a comfortable sleep experience on the clouds, fun daytime sports and evening activities, restaurants with sea views and delicious dishes in our international cuisine.
Welcome to your new home away from home, for an unforgettable holiday experience on the white beaches of the turquoise Aegean sea. You will leave this blue journey that you began with your family, friends or on your own rested, renewed and happy, as a part of the Cactus Family.
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  • Misyonumuz
    Kurucumuz ve rehberimiz , Türkiye sevdalısı Sayın Ünsal Tülbentçi’nin Otelcilik ve Turizm alanındaki ideallerini gerçekleştirmektir.
  • Vizyonumuz
    Türk Turizminin ve Otelciliğinin, dünya turizminde en ön saflarda yer almasını sağlayacak çağdaş ve yenilikçi bir hedefe ulaştırmaktır.